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Live a Luxury Lifestyle with a Potential to Earn Big

Invest in Krystal Key Beach Resort, a pre-construction located in Perdido Key, FL, before the real estate market prices increase.

Enjoy luxury living on the beaches of Florida at Krystal Key Beach Resort.  Take advantage of this limited time pre-construction offer for state-of-the-art new condominiums featuring outstanding amenities.  A new build is at your fingertips!  Krystal Key Beach Resort can help you achieve your long-term financial goals by investing in “real property”.

The Florida and Alabama Gulf Coasts have become a top resort vacation destination for families and couples. The area offers less crowds, private condos, and miles of sugar-white sand for families to truly relax and enjoy their vacation time without the characteristic chaos of the typical resort area.  Krystal Key Beach Resort, located in Perdido Key, Florida, will offer a private setting and exclusive lifestyle. This low-density complex (only 30 units) will bring fresh focus to a true luxury, beach oasis.

Vacation rentals in this area of the Unites States have gross income potential up to $110,000 to $130,000 a year for owners. When investing in beach front property you want to make sure to look for a fantastic rental agency as well as offer unique features in your unit. Staying up to date on interior design trends and caring for your unit can increase its overall earn potential.

Today’s vacation renters are looking for privacy, exclusiveness, and much more. Krystal Key Beach Resort offers just that. Open your balcony doors to instantly hear the sound of the Gulf’s waves rolling on shore. Dip your toes in the sugar-white sand, float around our exclusive luxury pool, swim in the Gulf or enjoy a privately chartered sailing or fishing trip. The choice is yours and these are all things you can talk about when “selling” your vacation property to potential renters.

Krystal Key Beach Resort will offer units with energy-efficient thermostats. This will add to your potential earnings and is a great selling feature to owners. Rick A. Phillips, co-owner of Advantage Real Estate highlights one of the unit’s special features. “One of the cost-saving features of the iPatchie thermostat is that it turns off the HVAC system if a door or window remains open for more than two minutes,” Phillips said.  “The average annual savings of utility costs range from 33 to 47 percent per year. For spaces larger than 1,200 square feet, such as Krystal Key Beach Resort units, the savings should be even greater.”

Why not invest in your life by purchasing a luxury vacation rental before prices do what they do:  increase.