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What People Are Saying

“I have known Rick Phillips as a client and friend for over 25 years, and have found him to be very professional and expeditious in just about everything he’s involved in. With many successful condominium projects that we have worked on together, I feel that Rick is on the cutting edge of this type of development. A great guy indeed!”

I’ve known Rick Phillips personally and professionally for nearly 20 years. Rick is what I call “a follow-through” guy that does what he says he is going to do and makes things happen for his clients without compromising ethically in any way. I highly recommend him to anyone that asks!

Douglas A. Bailey, P.E.
Hutchinson, Moore, and Rauch, LLC

Rick Phillips is one of the Original Realtors and Developers in our area. His knowledge and experience is unsurpassed. Rick is the real deal.

John Brett
Broker, Brett Robinson Real Estate

Rick is a “can do” person ! If he tells you he can complete a project on time, list/or sell real estate, or other endeavors involving the real estate business, he’s the man to get it done. I’ve known Rick for close to twenty years and have always known him to be upfront and honest. Rick’s an individual that can be counted on.

Robert S McKean
Retired President, Vision Bank

Rick Phillips is a creative can-do guy. There is no one in our area with more diverse development achievements. The economic impact of Rick’s projects is staggering. We are looking forward to Krystal Key’s success.

Frank Malone
Bellator Real Estate & Development

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I have been fortunate to work with Rick Phillips my entire adult life. You will not find a more honest person that puts everyone’s personal and business needs first. Rick was born with general Real Estate & Development is in his blood and will go to extended measures to make sure everyone involved in his opportunities are satisfied. I would not think twice about offering any of my clients the opportunity to purchase in an Development that Rick is involved. This is not just a public service announcement but a real experience that I have lived for over 20 years with Rick both personally and professionally.

Jeff McLaurin
Bellator Real Estate & Development

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I’ve followed Rick’s real estate career since before I became a real estate attorney 34 years ago. In my mind, he’s always been among the founders of the modern (post-Hurricane Frederic) resort market on the northern Gulf Coast. Hard-working, creative, straight-forward, and respected–everything you’d want in the leader of a development team for an exclusive condominium being built on Perdido Key.

Richard E. Davis, Attorney
Davis & Fields, P.C.

Davis and fFelds P.C.

“I have known and worked with Rick for over thirty years. He is one of the most optimistic people I have ever known, and because of that optimism, he is a great motivator and brings out the best in everyone around him.”

Bill Moody
Bank Board Member, Smart Bank